Are You Visiting the Dentist Often Enough?

By In General Dentistry November 6, 2019

Part of taking care of yourself includes regular visits to the dentist. You should be seeing your provider at least twice per year and more in certain circumstances. In this article, we explore reasons why it’s important to visit your dentist for regular checkups to keep your smile as healthy as possible.

Why Twice Per Year?

When you see your dentist twice per year, they detect early signs of decay and gum disease. These regular exams prevent small oral health issues from growing into big problems. Without a commitment to routine care, you are bound to experience a dental emergency and will surely wish that you had an established relationship with a good dentist.

Besides having to deal with pain and the possible loss of one or more teeth, the costs to treat dental emergencies often end up being more than what they would have been by seeing the dentist regularly over the course of two years.

What Happens at a Routine Dental Visit?

Generally, you can expect to have x-rays, a thorough exam, and professional cleaning. If you are seeing the dentist regularly and taking proper care of your teeth at home, the chances of any significant problems are low. If a cavity is found, a simple filling should easily restore the tooth.

A routine cleaning involves the dentist or hygienist using a special tool to remove tartar from teeth, as plaque that has hardened can’t be removed with a toothbrush. If left for a prolonged period of time, tartar can develop to gum disease and severely decline oral health. Seeing your dentist regularly prevents these issues from becoming a major detriment to your quality of life.

When Should You See the Dentist More Often?

If you have gum disease, are pregnant, or have diabetes, you should visit the dentist as recommended. Gum disease is serious and must be treated to prevent it from adversely impacting your overall health.

If pregnant, there are two reasons to add an extra visit to the dentist.

  1. Pregnant women have reduced levels of calcium levels, making teeth weaker and more vulnerable to decay.
  2. If gum disease is present, there is an increased chance of premature birth.

When visiting your dentist, make sure to make a note of your pregnancy. He or she should be able to assess your risks and create a treatment plan accordingly.

If you have diabetes, it can aggravate gum disease and vice-versa. Seeing the dentist more often can prevent tooth loss and may even help regulate blood sugar.

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