What Age is Best to Ask about Braces for Your Child?

By In Orthodontics March 7, 2019

Straight teeth are healthier than crowded or misaligned teeth because they are easier to keep clean. Crooked teeth overlap and prevent a toothbrush or floss from adequately removing plaque. If you see that your child’s teeth are not coming in straight, a visit to the dental office is strongly recommended.

Introduce your child to the dentist early. They should have their first visit at around the age of one and continue to see their provider regularly. This commitment to routine dental care along with proper brushing and flossing at home ensures that you do everything possible to help your child maintain their oral health.

Early Orthodontic Care

Phase one, or early orthodontic intervention, can begin as early as seven years old. Your dental professional may treat children with potentially severe malocclusions (bite issues) with palate expanders, a short course of braces, or other techniques to modify the size of their palate and straighten permanent teeth.

These procedures are used at this age because their young jaws are still flexible. By intervening early, your dentist or orthodontist can reduce or even prevent more complex measures later.

Common Cases

For kids with mildly crooked teeth, the dentist will probably suggest waiting until all their teeth have emerged, and place traditional braces at around the age of 12. Removable clear braces are generally not recommended for preteens but can be appropriate for older teenagers who can comply with the instructions to wear the braces all day, and only remove them when eating, brushing, or flossing.

The Essential Aspects of Ensuring Your Child’s Ideal Smile

By establishing a relationship with your family dentist, they can better serve you and your family’s oral health needs, as well as advise you of any serious orthodontic concerns early.

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