3D Digital Dental X Rays

At Bayside Dental & Orthodontics, we strive to provide the people of Airdrie Alberta with the best, most accurate and thorough dental diagnosis possible. Luckily, recent technological breakthroughs have given us the chance to make considerable advances in our ability to meet this objective.

Compared to conventional X-rays, 3D digital x-rays deliver less radiation and provide clearer, more precise images. Additionally, the image is instantaneously displayed on a TV display so that treatment can be planned and explained. The result is precise implant placement without any guesswork.

Benefits of digital dental x-rays

The use of 3D x-ray in dental imaging offers a myriad of advantages. Digital image capture is not only faster and more economical, but also eco-friendly. 3D imaging offers a huge amount of information and subtle details that cannot be obtained by any 2D X-ray, whether panoramic or intraoral.

With a single, 18-second 3D scan, we’ll be able to examine the area of interest at a high resolution from multiple perspectives. Here are some other benefits of digital imaging compared to film imaging:

  • There is no film to be processed, so the images are ready in an instant
  • Provides an efficient way to electronically store, retrieve, and share the images
  • Allows for image analysis and processing after exposure
  • Highly sensitive sensors, reducing your exposure to x-rays compared to CT scans
  • No pre-scan preparation necessary

How 3D Imaging works

The 3D imaging system comprises a digital x-ray scanner that is mounted on a rotating arm. To capture images, you simply sit in a chair while the scanner projects x-rays in a controlled, cone-shaped beam as it moves in one complete circle round your head. No special preparation is necessary with this digital technology.

After the procedure, we can call up any views that we need on a computer display: 2D, 3D, and even panoramic views of your mouth. It is possible to view the images from any angle or magnification in order to view the relationships between teeth, tissues, nerves, airways, and bones, to plan or assess your treatment.

Superior level of Dental Care

Previously, we felt limited by dental x-rays, even 2D digital dental x-rays of a 3D problem. Many elements were not clearly visible because of the low resolution offered by x-rays, and we were often forced to infer, surmise, project, calculate, and interpret, resulting in an educated guess of what we could deduce from the vague x-ray.

Furthermore, x-rays were not sufficiently sensitive to show minute or beginning issues. The dental x-rays could only focus on your teeth, and you needed one exposure for each x-ray picture. This means that you would need many exposures to compare to a single 3D scan.

This has all changed considerably with the advent of 3D digital x-ray technology. With its incredibly high resolution and amazingly low radiation, it has literally changed how we see things.

We are extremely proud of 3D dental x-ray technology, and believe that this state-of-the-art technology will give us the chance to provide our Airdrie patients with the highest level of dental care available today.

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