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At Bayside Dental & Orthodontics, we specialise in helping people across Airdrie Alberta find the right dental solution. When you need help adjusting to your denture, or help adjusting your denture to suit the changes in your mouth, you can count on us.

Fast Denture Repair

If your denture needs fixing, we can do it for you while you wait. Denture repair is not a lengthy process, and may take between 20 and 30 minutes, though every case is different. So, we will assess the damage and tell you how long the repair will take.

Some of the repair jobs that we handle include relining, adding strengtheners, adding teeth to the set, and adding the soft lining material to help maintain your facial structure. Actually, there is nothing we can’t do as far as dental dentures are concerned.

Some types of denture adjustments that we handle include:

Small Tweaks

For new denture wearers, it is important to keep in mind that new dentures need some minor adjustments. These adjustments are not due to a fault in the denture, but rather the inconsistencies between our model and changes in your mouth.

The soft tissue tends to be softer in some areas than others, and there are some tactics that we use to minimise these inconsistencies as much as possible to provide you with the best fitting and comfortable denture from the start.

Minor denture adjustments don’t take a lot of time, though you may need to schedule multiple appointments to get them to sit perfectly. Remember that your mouth is a very sensitive area, and even the slightest of pressure spots can result in a lot of discomfort.

Denture alterations

We receive some denture repair jobs for dental dentures that we did not provide ourselves. We refer to these as alterations, as they require us to first identify what you expect from your denture, and then get to work.

Dentures fabricated by us typically don’t require much time to adjust, simply because we are sure of our previous work. But if your denture was made elsewhere and now needs some adjustments, it may take us some time to figure out how it was made, and how to fix it without causing any damage.

For such alterations, we can handle a number of tasks, including replacing or repositioning teeth, adding teeth to the denture, changing the colour of your artificial teeth, and relining the denture to enhance its fit. We can certainly fix any problem, but it might take a bit longer depending on where you got it.

We work on all types of dental dentures

We schedule follow-up appointments for new denture wearers to make the necessary adjustments as their tongue and cheek muscles learn to accommodate the dentures, to ensure a comfortable and tight fit. Immediate and conventional dentures usually need getting used to, but denture implants or overdentures that fit over implants or remaining teeth tend to fit better without much adjusting.

If you have any queries about your dentures, or if you feel like the fit is not quite right, or perhaps your dentures are damaged, please contact us for repairs. Lastly, don’t skip your scheduled appointments as they help us examine your mouth and check the denture fit to avoid future problems.

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