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Our objective at Bayside Dental & Orthodontics is to create a fun and comfortable setting for kids of all ages. We have a teen themed room where our young patients from Airdrie Alberta can relax and watch a movie, listen to their favourite music, or play video games as we work to give them a healthy mouth.

Kids and teens dentistry

Cavities are not limited to little kids – anyone can get them regardless of their age if they don’t practice proper oral hygiene.

When you consume acidic and sugary foods, juice, soda, or energy risks, you unknowingly increase your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is vital, and parents should help their kids build good practises into their daily routines.

Straight teeth, appearance, and fresh breath will become increasingly important to children as they start to interact with each other, and will probably peak in their teen years. Stained, crooked, or decayed teeth can be unpleasant and embarrassing at this age bracket, so we take corrective measures to enhance their smiles.

Here are some kids and teen dental practises to keep your mouth healthy:

    1. Brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste for two full minutes

Brushing your teeth is the easiest way to keep your teeth clean and prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and related health conditions, such as bad breath. Using the right amount of fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel, but care should be taken not to use too much as it can stain your teeth.

    1. Floss between your teeth every day

Food particles that are stuck between your teeth can cause bad breadth and the buildup of bacteria.

    1. Avoid starchy and sugary snacks and soft drinks

The sugar in these foods can feed harmful bacteria in your mouth, plus acidic additives in soft drinks can erode tooth enamel, leaving the tooth vulnerable to cavities. If you have to consume such foods/drinks, always rinse your mouth with clean water to wash away the sugar and acid from your teeth.

    1. Avoid tobacco

Any form of tobacco can cause periodontal disease, bad breath, and oral cancer. If these conditions are not detected in their early stages, the consequences can be painful, severe, and costly.

    1. Wear a mouthguard when actively participating in sports

Mouth protectors help to protect your smile by preventing chipped or broken teeth and injuries to the lips, face, jaw, and/or tongue.

    1. Use dental sealants

We may recommend that you coat the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth – in the areas where cavities are most likely to be found – to prevent the buildup of plaque in the tooth grooves that may lead to tooth decay.

    1. Avoid oral piercings or jewelry for your lips or mouth

Oral piercings and jewelry can cause infections, resulting in pain and swelling. Other adverse outcomes include uncontrolled swelling, nerve damage, increased flow of saliva, injury to soft tissue, nerve damage, choking if they come loose, and even cracked teeth.

    1. Schedule dental visits at least twice a year for professional cleaning and dental checkups

It is important to visit a teen dentist at least twice a year for professional teeth cleaning. Besides regular checkups, you may need to talk to your dentist about enhancing your smile with cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, or to consult about wisdom tooth extraction.

Whatever the case, we have professionals specialising in teen dentistry who will help your teen or pre-teen find the ideal solution.

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