Same Day Dental Crowns | Dental crowns

Do you have severe decay, a broken tooth, or some similar cosmetic concern but find yourself unable to make two dental visits to solve the problem? Bayside Dental & Orthodontics provides the people pf Airdrie with a quick restoration in a single visit with natural-looking all-porcelain or all-ceramic same day crowns.

We have state-of-the-art imaging and on-site technology that enables us to create custom dental crowns in your first office visit, so you don’t have to rely on a temporary crown accompanied with multiple office visits for your permanent crowns.

Traditional versus One Day Dental Crowns

Technology perfected over the last couple of decades has given us the tools to prepare and place same day dental crowns in your first appointment.

Previously, patients had to bear with the downsides of conventional crowns, which include:

  • Potential issues with temporary crowns – translating to more appointments
  • The inconvenience of multiple appointments
  • Messy impressions
  • Increased risk of subsequent injury as you wait for weeks to receive your permanent crown
  • More time wasting if the crown does not fit
  • Restrictions to the kinds of food you can consume

Today, we take advantage of advanced dental technology referred to Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Manufacturing – CAD/CAM to fabricate laboratory-grade restorations such as dental crowns in a matter of minutes.

It is an amazing technology considering how lengthy and troublesome conventional crowns can be, and best of all, numerous studies have indicated that CAD/CAM-based dental restorations are just as successful as those made with conventional techniques and materials. So, same day crowns:

  • Life-like appearance so no one will know it’s there
  • Preserve more of your tooth
  • Save you lots of time
  • Cost the same or less than lab-produced crowns
  • Allow you to resume your normal life in a day
  • Provide accurate digital impressions with great comfort
  • Give you a permanent crown reducing your risk of further injury
  • Reduce your sensitivity to hot and cold

The Procedure for Same Day Dental Crowns

The process of placing a crown starts out the same way regardless of whether it is a traditional or chairside crown, with “preparation” of the damaged tooth. During preparation, we will remove any decay on your tooth and use a drill to shape the tooth so that it fits perfectly inside the crown. Beyond this point, there are no other similarities.

If you were receiving a traditional crown, we would then take an impression of your teeth using a putty-like substance and use it to create a model for creating your crown. But with one-day crowns, we will simply dust some reflective powder on your teeth and then use a small scanning wand connected to a PC to take digital pictures inside your mouth.

In a matter of seconds, the PC will generate a very accurate 3D model of your tooth, and we can design your crown immediately while you wait.

When the design is complete, we will choose a dental ceramic material in the shade that closely matches your natural teeth, transmit the computer digital design to a milling machine, and watch it carve your custom crown from the ceramic block in five minutes or so.

After we verify the crown and stain and glaze it for aesthetic enhancement, we shall bond it to your tooth, and you’re good to go.

Durable solution

Our same-day crowns are durable and resistant to stains. So, with proper care of your crown, your restoration should last up to 15 years. For more information, contact the Bayside Dental & Orthodontics team today!

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