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Spring is here and it’s time to remind you about protecting your face and teeth during sports. If you ask parents what they’re most afraid of when their child is playing sports, a majority of them say injuries. Despite 70% of parents admitting to this, according to American Association of Orthodontists 67% say their child doesn’t wear a mouth guard.

A lot of dental and facial injuries from sports can be prevented by wearing a fitted mouth guard. You don’t want to play the reactive game of repairing and healing injuries. Here are the types of injuries you can prevent:

  • chipped or broken teeth
  • cheek and lip injuries
  • jaw fractures
  • mouth lacerations
  • even some concussions

In addition to wearing a mouth guard, you should also remind your child to: wear a helmet, stretch before and after sports, wear protective eyewear, be cognizant of the environment.

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Why Should I Choose A Custom Fit Mouth Guard?

If you’re child wears braces, avoid mouth guards that mold to your teeth and don’t allow for movement. Your child’s orthodontic treatment is designed to allow teeth to move into the desired position.

Our custom fit mouth guards have these benefits:

  • Most protection and comfort
  • Fit for all sports
  • Cushion the jaws
  • Cover all teeth
  • Do not interfere with speaking or breathing

If your child is still growing, their jaw is probably growing out of last year’s mouth guard as well.

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